Why botting on Twitch is justified

So why is it okay to bot on Twitch as far as we are concerned?

The mechanism that Twitch use to feature channels is faulty. They claim that by sorting channels based on viewers counts is a proven method of featuring quality content. We believe that statement is wrong. If you are a relatively new streamer, and you stream top notch content, you will appear at the bottom of the page where no single Twitch user bothers to look. Depending on the game that you stream it could take months to accumulate just a handful of followers. Especially if you play a relatively popular game, you will be dissapointed to find out how you can still acquire no more than 3 viewers despite your hard work.

In fact these unpopular channels make up the majority of all streams on that are broadcaster on Twitch. The cold hard fact is that without a Twitch Viewer Bot your channel will not even get the chance it deserves. Even if you do stream high quality content nobody will ever find out about it. Therefor we believe there are plenty of legitimate uses for our Twitch Viewer Bot. You can finally give yourself a chance to let your channel be seen and only then will you find out whether or not people actually like your content.

Based on this philosophy we believe that the more people actually use means such as a bot to acquire viewers, the higher the overall quality of streams will become. Popular streamers will find have some competition and will also be forced to revise their streaming content if necessary.

If you agree with our philosophy, then feel free to head to the Twitch Viewer Bot Account page and find out if there is a version of the bot that suits your needs.

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